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7 preparatory steps before removing the furniture

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7 preparatory steps before removing the furniture
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Dołączył: 21 Maj 2020
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Post 7 preparatory steps before removing the furniture Odpowiedz z cytatem
The difference between furniture before and after dismantling its parts, such as the difference between a full-dimensional stereoscopic entity and a flat object, including the reduction in the space it occupies and the effort required to lift and move it, so removing furniture means obtaining surfaces that are easy to pack, protect, pack, move, and occupy less space in A transport truck, and does not damage the walls when passing them, however it is not an easy task, if you choose to rely on yourself to disassemble the furniture, instead of hiring a specialized furniture transport company, you need to know more about how to do it right.

7 preparatory steps before removing the furniture
Emptying cabinet contents, drawers, and separating free parts like shelves.

Disconnect the metal knobs and accessories from the furniture before removing it.

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Vacate the furniture around, and allow ample space to work comfortably.

Cover floors using old blankets, or furniture packaging blankets, to protect furniture and floors as well while working.

Determine the elements whose parts must be dismantled before moving the furniture, by measuring the width of the entrances and the height of the ceiling, especially over the stairs, and measuring the dimensions of the furniture elements as well, and setting the parts that are not suitable for passing, and in most cases, the bedrooms, kitchens and silver wheels are more Furniture items need dismantling.

Find the jaw and assembly points in each element of the furniture, which differ according to the different models and style of manufacture.

Preparing tools for removing furniture, including:
Rubber mallet
Screwdrivers (regular and Phillips)
Ziploc bags (self-locking plastic bags), to store nails and small parts removed from furniture.
Blankets and protective materials can be obtained from a furniture transport company.

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How to disassemble the bedrooms before moving the furniture
1- Dismantle the bed frame

After removing bedding, pillows and mattresses, you'll only have to deal with the wooden part of the bed, or the bed frame, and bedroom models may differ and their parts are designed, but the way they are built is almost the same in most furniture styles.

You will find that the bed frame has four sides attached together, with metal corners screwed in.

The angle is removed one by one, making sure the sides of the bed are balanced in each stage, and the released side is raised to the wall in a safe way to avoid falling.

Gather screws, bolts, and any other fastening parts and place them into a self-sealing bag, and secure them securely to one side of the dismounted bed frame.

2- Dismantling the wardrobe
Before starting to disassemble the wardrobe frame, the inner shelves, clothes rods, and drawers should be removed.

Removing doors from wardrobe, for traditional wardrobe doors that connect to the cabinet depending on the hinges, the screws that connect the hinges to the body of the cabinet are loosen, and then the door released.

As for modern wardrobe doors that connect to the closet by means of a metal bar (sliding door) they are lifted and gently separated from the metal bar.

We recommend that a person hold the door while removing it to prevent any unnecessary damage occurring while removing the door.

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The back side of the wardrobe - on most models - can be removed simply by simply removing the top or bottom of the wardrobe.

For a better and safer removal of the wardrobe, it is preferable to place the entire wardrobe on the floor if possible, with assistance from at least one person.

If the wardrobe is completely positioned on the floor, start from the base of the wardrobe and remove any metal anchor corners, to loosen them to the longitudinal spacers one by one, then move to the upper side of the wardrobe and loosen the corners that connect them to the transverse spacers, in the meantime the spacers are removed Longitudinally one by one, move it to a suitable place, then get to the top side and put it to the wall to avoid it falling, you will eventually have the back panel of the wardrobe, so all the parts have been safely released.

In the case of removing the wardrobe in its upright position, the beginning is to disassemble the upper part of the cabinet, where it is necessary to obtain sufficient assistance from a strong person to raise the upper side of the cabinet after removing the screws that link it to all the panels, and then proceed to remove the separators and sides in the order that prevents It falls, then take out the back panel and base.

The easiest way to remove IKEA furniture
IKEA has become an icon, innovative design, comfort and cost savings, however this furniture may frustrate you when it comes to dismantling and assembling its parts, which is a very difficult puzzle, but whether it comes to IKEA furniture or any other brand, when moving the furniture and the need To simplify its components, you have to adhere as closely as possible to the advice of professionals in the relocation company, on how to deal with furniture when disassembling and installing.

7 steps to remove IKEA furniture
Take photos of the parts to be dismantled: Before starting work use your smartphone to take photos of the furniture piece from all sides, including pictures of how to assemble joints, how to install hinges, and how to assemble parts together.

Label and mark all parts: using duct tape, bearing the part number and arrangement (A, B, C, D, for example), for easy reference when reassembling the furniture.

Work in a spacious place: move the furniture to the center of the room before starting to dismantle it, and make sure that you have easy access to all corners of the piece, such as the bottom and back.

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Remove any contents inside the furniture before starting to disassemble it.

Separate doors first, then interior shelves and sides.

Assemble the hinges and nails of each piece of furniture in a ziplock bag (self-locking), place a suitable mark on it with the name of the piece to which it belongs, and fix it in one of its parts.

Group parts of each component that are loosened together, well packed and placed in one box, with the use of padding between each layer to avoid scratches and marks, with the contents labeled on the box from the outside.

Important tips for removing furniture before moving to a new home

If the wardrobe is to be disassembled and stored for a long period of time, it is recommended to store it either flat on the floor or on the wall on its longest side in an upright position, and this will prevent any curvature of wood.

Maximize the opportunity to remove furniture and move to a new home, and use it to clean and restore your furniture, repair damaged parts, and refinish or paint furniture that needs to be refurbished.

Before proceeding to dismantle the furniture, it is necessary to ensure that you have adequate assistance, in terms of having at least two individuals involved in your work, in order to avoid personal injury or damage to the furniture.

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You may not have had the experience of removing furniture before, so if your house contains a lot of parts that must be removed before moving, the idea of ​​performing this task yourself may be a big headache, given the experience of the furniture removal process needs and a sufficient number of hands , And specialized equipment, so it will make sense to hire professional furniture transport company in Riyadh to take over, in order to gain your time and ensure the protection of your furniture.
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